Just the Facts - Brad Bradford's record on crime

How do we know which Brad Bradford to believe?

Now that there’s an election, Brad Bradford says he cares about crime, but his actions speak louder than his words:

  • In 2020, Bradford voted to slash the police budget by a minimum of 10 percent which would have taken hundreds of police officers off our streets.
  • In 2020, Bradford voted to immediately ban police from carrying guns or using chemicals like tear gas or pepper spray, and that all these guns, tear gas and pepper spray must be destroyed within one year.
  • In 2020, Bradford voted to immediately ban police from using armoured vehicles, needed to protect officers entering dangerous situations such as bomb threats, active shooters or executing search warrants for known violent criminals.
  • In 2022, Bradford voted against the police investing additional personnel, technology and other resources in their traffic enforcement division to address pedestrian safety.

As police chief, Mark Saunders never left any tool or resource off the table to keep people and neighbourhoods safe. He built a modern police force that uses the latest innovative technology that both saves lives and better protects officers and the public.

Saunders deployed both additional officers and CCTV cameras to surge areas experiencing recent gun violence as part of Project Community Space in 2019. In addition to laying over 1,100 charges and seizing 247 illegal firearms, over 2300 bail compliance checks and 17 community town halls were completed. The project received $4.5 million in funding from all three levels of government.

  • Saunders created the Connected Officer Program, where officers have mobile, handheld technology, so they can stay out in the community and don't have to return to the office after every call to make a report.
  • Saunders brought in body-worn cameras for all front-line officers to increase safety, evidence-gathering, transparency and accountability.
  • Saunders expanded use-of-force options to give all officers less lethal options including tasers and sock guns to reduce the potential of harm and death.
  • Saunders established the Toronto Police Services’ cybercrime unit to fight the rise in online crime.