Moms for Mark

“Throughout my career, the number one skill I developed was listening. And the people I listened to the most, in every corner of Toronto, are the Mothers." - Mark Saunders

Toronto – Today, Mark Saunders met with mothers from across Toronto. These mothers aren’t former politicians, they’re not politically organized. They’re regular moms who care about their communities and their kids’ future.

These are the endorsements that really matter to Saunders.

“Throughout my career in law enforcement, it’s always the mothers in every community who know what’s best for their neighbourhood,” said Saunders. “It’s the mothers who know what’s happening, it’s the mothers who know what works and what doesn’t. It’s the mothers who see the problems coming.”

Unlike Olivia Chow and her special interest friends who only listen to the loudest voices in the room, Saunders will listen to the mothers and to all community voices, just as he has always done throughout his entire career of public service.

  • Mothers across Toronto are scared to let their kids and families take the TTC.
  • Mothers across Toronto are tired of finding discarded needles in playgrounds.
  • Mothers across Toronto are worried about their cars getting stolen.
  • Mothers across Toronto don’t have an extra hour or two per day to sit in gridlock.
  • Mothers across Toronto need predictable, stable taxes so they can plan their budgets.

Olivia Chow will do nothing to crack down on the crime, make life less expensive, or ease congestion. In fact, she will make it worse by cutting police budgets, hiking property taxes next year, and ramming more bike lanes on Toronto’s busiest streets.

“The other mayoral candidates are obsessed with racking up endorsements from former politicians. The folks I care about listening to are the mothers,” said Saunders. “I’ll stand with them, and represent their interests, every day of the week”.

Mark Saunders is the only candidate who can stop Olivia Chow and her radical NDP agenda, and stand up for the mothers and families in the city.