Stop Olivia Chow’s Cuts to Policing

“How much will Olivia Chow cut police budgets by? We don’t know." - Mark Saunders

Toronto – Today, Mark Saunders released his 5-point plan to combat auto theft, including working to provide police with more resources to crack down on its connections to organized crime. (See the bottom of this document).

But time is running out. The election is in 8 days. So, today, Mark Saunders again today called on Torontonians to unite behind his campaign to Stop Olivia Chow.

“With just over a week until election day, I have to prioritize how I spend my time. So instead of talking about issues and my plan to improve our city, I have to tell Torontonians the truth about Olivia Chow,” said Mark Saunders. “With Chow as mayor, our city will become more expensive and less safe.”

Olivia Chow will raise property taxes by at least 25%. That’s about $2,000 for an average family and that’s on top of the Bank of Canada’s interest rate hikes.

Olivia Chow will defund the police. We know this because of her track record – putting her hand up to defund the police throughout her career.

With Olivia Chow, we will have more encampments. We’ll have more discarded needles around supervised injection sites. We’ll have more drugs on our streets.

“Only one of two people will be elected Mayor on June 26: Olivia Chow or myself,” concluded Saunders. “Olivia Chow will defund the police, raise your taxes, and ram bike lanes on our busiest streets. As Mayor, I will hire more cops, freeze taxes, and get traffic moving. The choice is clear - it’s time to stop Olivia Chow.”

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CAR THEFT-- What Mark Wanted to Talk About:

In Ontario, a car is stolen every 48 minutes. Auto thefts in Toronto skyrocketed by 81 per cent from 2014 to 2021, and the city experienced a 78 per cent increase in violent carjackings from 2021 to 2022. The proceeds from stolen vehicles are funding organized crime, including the trafficking of weapons, drugs, and other related crimes.

“Olivia Chow hasn’t said how much she will cut the police budget, but we know she’s tried to defund the police her entire career as a professional politician,” said Saunders. “At a time when car jackings and thefts are on the rise, I will do whatever it takes to ensure our men and women in uniform have what they need to protect car owners and lock up car thieves.”

As Mayor, Mark Saunders will deliver a 5-point plan to combat auto theft by:

  • Ensuring the City of Toronto provides the necessary resources to police to combat this epidemic of car theft crime.
  • Creating an online process for reporting the theft of a vehicle or license plates to speed up the process. This will also allow the victim to begin the claim process with their insurance company along with Service Ontario for the replacement of plates.
  • Working with the provincial government to support the recently announced auto theft task force.
  • Calling on the federal government to get involved as they are responsible for the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) which manages Canada’s borders and ports. The CBSA has not been given enough resources to stop the millions of dollars in vehicles being shipped overseas.
  • Working with the federal government to review and revise vehicle manufacturing regulations to make it harder for car thieves to steal cars.

The choice is clear. Olivia Chow will cut police resources. Saunders will ensure the police have the resources necessary to crack down on car thieves.