Stop Chow to Stop Bike Lanes on Bloor St. W

“Bike lanes have gone from a thoughtful idea to a political statement." - Mark Saunders

Toronto - Recently, City Council voted to ram bike lanes through the Kingsway area of Bloor West in Etobicoke. They did this despite serious opposition and concerns from local residents and the BIA.

“Bike lanes have gone from a thoughtful idea to a political statement,” said Saunders. “It’s no longer about putting bike lanes in communities that want them, on streets that make sense. It’s now about political ideology; with Olivia Chow being the bike-lane ring-leader.”

Saunders stood alongside Stephen Holyday, who has heard for years that Etobicoke residents don’t want bike lanes along Bloor Street, from Prince Edward Drive through Royal York Road and out to Islington Avenue. Despite this strong message, the career politicians on Toronto City Council approved the plan to install bike lanes in Etobicoke when they met last week.

“In Etobicoke, most people get around by car or transit. That’s just a fact. I shake my head when I hear Olivia Chow chastise people for using cars,” said Saunders. “Toronto isn’t Amsterdam or Paris. We’re more spread out, we have harsher winters and we have colder temperatures.

  • If you’re a senior going grocery shopping, you’re probably using a car.
  • If you’re a mom taking your kids to soccer, you’re probably using a car.
  • Saying so does not make you “anti-bike lane”

As Mayor, Mark Saunders would work to stop the Bloor Street West bike lane expansion. Instead, he will work with Council to set projects like this aside and look at other ways to reduce congestion on major roads across the city.

“As I’ve said throughout this entire campaign, when City Hall is talking about bike lanes and not addressing urgent issues like crime on the TTC or affordability, we really don't have priorities straight," said Saunders.