Stop Chow, Stop TTC Crime

“We need everyone in the city who does not want Olivia Chow to be mayor to vote for me." - Mark Saunders

Toronto - Olivia Chow continues to say that the TTC is safe. She couldn’t be more wrong. She has to say it because she’s going to defund the police.

If elected Mayor, former police chief Mark Saunders will immediately crack down on panhandling, sleeping, and disorderly conduct on the TTC to keep riders and staff safe, while also focusing on bridging those who need help to the appropriate service.

People don’t feel safe because of the randomness of the violence. Just yesterday, a memorial was held to remember the woman who was horrifically set on fire on a TTC bus by a man she didn’t know exactly one year ago.

“People also don’t feel safe because of disorder on the TTC. We have to crack down on every incident, every time,” said Saunders. “Here’s what Chow doesn’t understand: the TTC isn’t a homeless shelter. The TTC isn’t a mental health agency. Its job is to move people from point A to point B, safely and quickly.”

By refusing to admit that there’s a problem on the TTC, Chow is not only hurting the riders and staff, she’s also dropping the ball on a serious plan to help those struggling with serious mental health issues.

It’s a trend for Chow. At a time when the TTC is reporting the highest levels of violence and disorder on Toronto’s public transit system, Olivia Chow won’t say how much she will cut police budgets. She has tried to defund the police before, and she’ll do it again if elected mayor.

As Mayor, Saunders will:

  • Stop panhandling and accosting of TTC passengers.
  • Stop people sleeping in TTC stations or on seats.
  • Raise fines and penalties for disorderly conduct at TTC stations and on subways, buses, and streetcars.

“It’s time to get serious and stop normalizing the situation. If you aren’t on the TTC to travel, you’re gone. It’s that simple,” said Saunders. “We must stop Olivia Chow and the only way to do that is to unite behind my campaign and work together to protect transit riders and staff.”