Stop Chow Stop Encampments

“I am the only candidate who can stop Chow and stop normalizing encampments in our parks." - Mark Saunders

Toronto – Today, Mark Saunders is calling on Toronto voters to stop Olivia Chow’s pro-encampment agenda by voting for his plan to stop encampments on June 26.

“Olivia Chow and her special interest friends on council are fine with normalizing encampments,” said Saunders. “There is no compassion in letting human beings live like this, and driving away families, residents, and small businesses. If Toronto voters want to stop encampments, they must vote to stop Chow and join my campaign.”

Olivia Chow has been endorsed by some of the most radical NDP activists on council. Pro-Chow councillors Alejandra Bravo, Ausma Malik, and Gord Perks all voted “no” this year to working towards the city's goal of no encampments.

If elected Mayor, Olivia Chow and her activist friends will continue to normalize the poor, unsafe, and inhumane living conditions in encampments in Toronto.

“Unlike Chow, I believe we need to restore dignity for people experiencing mental illness and homelessness,” said Saunders. “Allowing encampments to take over our parks is a miserable failure at every level, and Olivia Chow and her special interest friends on council will allow that to continue if elected mayor.”

As Mayor, Saunders will take decisive action to remove encampments and restore public spaces to Toronto residents. He released his plan for this in May. Saunders has also released a comprehensive plan for mental health and addictions, which includes providing more wraparound supports available outside 9-to-5, providing free space in unused City-owned buildings for non-profits delivering addiction treatment, and working with builders of rental properties to provide more supportive housing.