Saunders: Time to Stop Olivia Chow

“It’s becoming a two-horse race with… Saunders and Chow." - Adam Vaughan, Former Liberal MP

Toronto – Today, Mark Saunders called on voters across the city, including his fellow candidates to join his campaign and work together to stop Olivia Chow on June 26.

“In 18 days, Toronto will elect a new mayor. And the reality is- we have two choices. On one hand - there’s Olivia Chow. She’ll defund the police. She’ll raise your property taxes by at least 25%. She’ll ram bike lanes onto every single major street. On the other hand - there’s me. I will fund the police. I will freeze taxes and I will get traffic moving,” said Saunders.

This is a call for unity. It’s time to choose who can stop Olivia Chow. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for Chow. Saunders invites all voters, including the other candidates, to join in this campaign and work together to STOP Olivia Chow!

Olivia has spent her entire political career as an activist, only listening to her special interest groups and the loudest voices. She has no plan to stop the random crime and disorder in Toronto. She wants to legalize drugs and make them more accessible to addicts. She has rammed bike lanes onto major streets without any consultation, and she’ll do it again.

Mark Saunders has a plan to protect Toronto’s future by hiring 400 police officers, freezing property taxes, and getting traffic moving. Having led Canada’s largest municipal police service, he brings experienced leadership and knows exactly what every neighbourhood in the city needs because he has walked their streets.

“Only one of two people will be elected Mayor on June 26: Olivia Chow or myself,” concluded Saunders. “Olivia Chow will defund the police, raise your taxes, and ram bike lanes on our busiest streets. As Mayor, I will hire more cops, freeze taxes, and get traffic moving. The choice is clear - it’s time to stop Olivia Chow.”

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Background - Why Stop Chow?

Mark and our team have been knocking on doors across the city. Many are telling us they’re voting for Saunders. But, a lot are also saying: “I will vote for anyone but Chow”. Once we tell them that the vast majority of polls consistently have Mark Saunders in second place, they eagerly pledge to vote to STOP CHOW.

With over 100 candidates on the ballot, it’s understandable why people are wondering who can STOP CHOW.

This campaign is designed to help voters understand what’s at stake.