Stop Olivia Chow’s Huge Tax Increase

“How high will taxes go with Olivia Chow as mayor? We don’t know because she won’t say."
— Mark Saunders

Toronto – Today, Mark Saunders is calling on Olivia Chow to stop dodging the question and tell Toronto taxpayers exactly how much she plans to hike their property tax bill next year.

With property tax bills arriving in the mail this month, Olivia Chow refuses to say how much she will increase taxes next year to pay for all her promises. Toronto residents are already seeing a 7% hike on their bill this year, representing about an extra $200 or more out of pocket for most homeowners.

“It’s no secret. For her entire career as a professional politician, Olivia Chow has advocated for massive tax hikes,” said Saunders. “At a time when people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, Chow’s huge property tax increase is the last thing anyone wants to see in their mailbox next year. ”

As Mayor, Mark Saunders will work to lock tax rates and never vote for a property tax hike greater than the rate of inflation.

The choice is clear. Toronto families can’t afford Olivia Chow.

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