Stop Vote Splitting to Stop Chow

“There are more people in Toronto who don’t want Olivia Chow to be the Mayor than who do. But the reality is - there are too many candidates and we’re splitting the vote. We all need to vote together to stop Chow." - Mark Saunders

Scarborough – Today, Mark Saunders joined members of Ford Nation in calling on all Torontonians to unite to Stop Olivia Chow. Saunders made a special shout out to people who are supporting Anthony Furey, Mitzie Hunter and Brad Bradford.

This comes on the heels of another poll placing Saunders second, to Olivia Chow.

“Anthony is a good man and has run a good campaign. Brad has delivered important messages in this race. Mitzie has long been a champion for Scarborough. But in our system, only one of two people can win on Monday: me or Olivia Chow,” said Saunders. “So I need you to do the one thing Olivia Chow doesn’t want you to do and that’s vote for me on Monday.”

Saunders called on members of Ford Nation, in advance of Ford Fest, to roll up their sleeves and help get out the vote for Monday’s election.

“I want to thank all the members of Ford Nation for the hours of volunteering they’ve put in. Thousands and thousands of doors knocked across Toronto! But I’m going to ask you one more thing: make sure to get your friends and neighbours out to vote on Monday,” said Saunders. “Together, we can bring common sense back to city hall, we can support our police, we can fix congestion and make the TTC safe.”

Olivia Chow will defund the police.

Olivia Chow will decriminalize drugs.

Olivia Chow will raise property taxes by at least 25%.

Olivia Chow will make our city less safe and more expensive.

Saunders is calling on everyone who doesn’t want Olivia Chow to be mayor to unite behind his campaign, because Saunders is how you Stop Chow.


Viewpoints Research has released the results of its latest survey for the Toronto mayoral by-election. The survey shows Olivia Chow has maintained her commanding lead in the final days of the campaign.

According to the survey, Olivia Chow holds 35% support among decided and leaning voters. Mark Saunders follows with 16% support. The remaining candidates’ reach around ten percent support with Ana Bailão at 12%, Josh Matlow at 10%, Anthony Furey at 10%, Brad Bradford at 8%, and Mitzie Hunter at 6%.