The choice that voters will make

The Toronto Mayoral Election

This election, Toronto has a stark choice.

A choice between someone who will prioritize public safety – and the candidates who are responsible for getting to where we are today: a more dangerous city.

People who have voted to defund the police; who have refused to build more housing, who have spent their time at city hall on pet projects rather than working for the greater good.

We can immediately address violence on the TTC and implement a strategy to stabilize it for the long term, or we can keep throwing piecemeal ideas at the wall and hope something sticks.

We can address the root causes of crime and violence in a meaningful way, or just we can keep talking about it while more neighbourhoods are left behind.

We can have a viable plan to build hundreds of thousands of homes that people can afford, or have more years of meetings and studies and reports that get us nowhere.

Toronto city hall insiders have failed us

The career politicians at City Hall have failed us. They've failed us because these councillors have been unable to set priorities. As parents, we all know we can’t be all things to all people. We have to say no. We have to prioritize our resources.

Their failure has resulted in a rise in crime on our subways, busses, streetcars and streets.

Our schools are routinely locked down. Cars stolen out of the driveways. Families are relying on foodbanks and charity.

It can all be traced back to a these career politicians that can’t set priorities.

Toronto is the greatest city in the world

In Toronto, we have eachother’s backs.

We care about our neighbours.

We want to help those who need it.

While we are diverse in our backgrounds, religions and cultures, we share common values and goals for our children.

We all want to protect Toronto’s future.