Mark Saunders Launches Comprehensive TTC Safety Plan to Protect Commuters and Workers

Toronto - Government’s most basic responsibility is to keep residents safe. Yet with four TTC riders killed in random attacks in the last year and 145 violent incidents on the TTC in December alone, crime is out of control.

As a police officer for 38 years, Mark Saunders believes that every person in Toronto has the fundamental right to be safe. Saunders’ TTC comprehensive safety plan is built on practical expertise to restore safety, stability and confidence within Toronto’s transit system.

To protect people on the TTC, Saunders’ plan will immediately:

  • Increase the number of Special Constables to at least 200 to start and get them out of cars and into stations. They will be visible - riding subways, on platforms and in the stations that need them most.
  • Enhance mental health training for TTC Special Constables.
  • Provide additional equipment for TTC Special Constables including body worn cameras.
  • Introduce new ‘assist buttons’ on subways, buses and streetcars to identify emerging incidents.
  • Prevent loitering on TTC property and other disturbances by enforcing existing by-laws.
  • Make streetcar and bus stops safer by creating a minimum lighting standard.

Over the longer term, Saunders’ TTC safety plan will:

  • Install more live high-quality, camera feeds on all subways and in every bus and streetcar stop.
  • Integrate TTC Special Constables into the Toronto Police Service for better coordination.
  • Work with local school boards to ensure students are educated about transit safety and security practices, such as travelling in groups.

In the coming weeks through the campaign, Saunders will announce more details of his plan to protect Toronto’s future, including a mental health plan, that will complement other parts of his platform, including this TTC Safety Plan.

“We have to put a stop to the violence right now which is why I’m going to take action on Day 1 to ensure that all Torontonians feel safe,” said Mark Saunders. “We also need a thoughtful long-term strategy that addresses all the factors – including a viable housing plan and meaningful mental health supports – but it all starts with safety.”

As a former police chief, Mark Saunders knows what needs to be done to make Toronto safe again. You can read his full plan at

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