Saunders: Vote Early to Stop Chow

“Vote #84 to even the score against Olivia Chow." - Mark Saunders

Toronto – On the last day of advance polls, Mark Saunders is calling on Toronto voters to vote early to stop Olivia Chow and support his campaign.

Saunders and his wife Stacey cast their ballot this morning in the advance polling station at Edithvale Community Centre in Willowdale. Until 7:00 p.m. this evening, Torontonians will have an opportunity to send a clear message to Olivia Chow and her radical NDP agenda by voting for Saunders in the advance polls.

“With 13 days until election day, only one of two people will be elected Mayor on June 26: Olivia Chow or myself,” said Saunders. “I am the only candidate who can stop Olivia Chow and her special interest friends. If you can, vote early and send her a message that her anti-police, pro-tax, and anti-car agenda has no place in our city.”

Advance polls are open today from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. today. Mark Saunders is listed on the ballot as candidate #84. Voters should bring one piece of identification showing their name and their Toronto address, such as a driver’s licence or utility bill, to vote. Find the nearest polling station here.

“If you want more crime, more taxes, and more congestion, vote for Olivia Chow,” concluded Saunders. “If you want to fund the police, freeze taxes, and get Toronto moving, vote for me and vote today if you can.”